How do we respond to war?

Now the worst outcome is unfolding with Russia invading Ukraine. An unyielding horror unfolds before our eyes. Is there anything we ordinary citizens can do to circumvent what is happening? Where do we go from here?

Peace groups the world over are now calling for an end to NATO expansion and for Russia to withdraw. While this is the ideal we can urge for, in all likelihood the West will keep arming an insurgency, even if peace is established. To understand the root causes of this invasion we need to honestly ask ourselves WHY this has happened?

This is explored in the blog ‘Don’t Look Away’.

What can we do now?

Detente 2

During the height of the first Cold War a burgeoning peace movement grew to become so successful in influencing government policy that people like Dr Helen Caldicott were able to pull the world back from a nuclear catastrophe. In what seamed insurmountable odds: advisors to presidents, decision makers, key bureaucrats, became influenced by peace activists. Detente became synonymous with bringing like minded people together from both the US and USSR who wanted the same things:

  • to live in peace without the threat of nuclear war and to roll back its threat,
  • to develop academic, cultural, R & D partnerships,
  • to grow trading relationships

This can happen again. Already sporting relationships, competitions and organisations exist. The organs of various institutions still exists like the UN and WHO.

So how do we progress this on the ground? Any ideas are most welcome.

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